Date: Saturday, 12. December 2009.

Venue: Tournament Hall of Hungarian Bridge Federation (Budapest, XII., Böszörményi út. 20-22)

Program:      9.00 a.m.       1. Round

                         5.00 p.m.       2. Round

                        11.30p.m        Price-giving

                        Lunch-break of approx. 90 minutes between two rounds

Registration deadline: Thursday, 10. December 2009. 8.00 p.m.

Registration fee:

Group A: EUR 25 per person

Group B: EUR 17 per person

Other major foreign currencies are also accepted at preliminary request.                                                   

Format:        Group A: 2*42 boards Complete Howell

                        Group B: approx. 2*42 boards depending on number of entries


Participants may choose group they want to play in. Organizer, however, limits number of pairs playing in group A to 22. In case number of applicants exceeds this limit it is at Organizer’s discretion to select pairs entitled.


Players applying for group A are kindly requested to prove their playing strength by number of EBL or WBF master points or rank in national ranking or similar.


Pairs consisting of 3 persons are allowed to play only in group B, and are not entitled to win any prize.


Prizes in HUF*:

                                    Group A                     Group B

            I.                      130.000                      40.000

            II.                      50.000                      20.000

            III.                     30.000                      15.000           

            IV.                     15.000                      10.000


Further extra prizes in Group B depending on number of entries.


* Guaranteed only if at least 22 pairs participating in both groups. Prizes will be paid in HUF, Approximate rate: 1 EUR=270 HUF


Information and registration at: Mr. István Kerényi 

                                                            by phone: +36 30 9661075

                                                            or by e-mail: artemix@hu.inter.net